November Update

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway for my book on Library Thing, the books are finally “in the e-mail.” Not only is this my first book, it’s the first book published by indie press (and friend) Coelacanth Books. Unfortunately, a family emergency early last month led to a delay in CB’s publishing schedule. But the book is now available in paperback and e-book editions (and we’ve even sold a few), and we are still planning an audio book, sometime after the new year.

CB also has been encouraging me to think about a follow-up book, possibly a novella. I’m still in the planning stages, but I think I would like to pursue some of the themes that fascinated me so much in POINTLESS PURSUIT through another writing project. Hint: it will probably have something to do with obscure history!


Book Giveaway on Library Thing thru 10/1

Library Thing will be hosting a giveaway through October 1, 2012 for 25 e-book copies of POINTLESS PURSUIT. If interested, sign up here. The easiest way to find POINTLESS PURSUIT is to scroll up from the bottom, it’s about 10 books up, and you’ll see the cover photo.

I’m also happy to send anyone a substantial excerpt from the book (epub, mobi, pdf formats) on request.

Giveaway updates

Thank you to the 241 people who entered the giveaway on GOODREADS.COM for a paperback copy of my book. I thank you, the cat thanks you. I’m truly appreciative and humbled by the interest.

My publisher will be giving away 25 e-books next month on LIBRARYTHING.COM. See the September Early Reviewers list there (which should be out the first week of September).

And you’re always welcome to download a free excerpt. Substantial excerpts (currently of the advance proof) are posted here, on, and I’m also working on getting a beefy “Look Inside the Book” posted to Amazon for the paperback version (as the Kindle excerpt is a bit too short).

Revisions, revisions

A new version of the cover went up today, as the publisher is still working the kinks out for the paperback copy…and we want it to match of course! For a new publisher and a new author, it’s been quite a learning process, but one that should pay off for the next project (and the one after that…).

Speaking of which, we are planning an audiobook version, which will also be a first-time thing. Software & hardware has been looked at and several great English actors will be offered the rare privilege of reading the book aloud – first come, boys!